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オンサイト -コンバージョン有機廃棄物:エネルギー+肥料

オンサイト -コンバージョン有機廃棄物:エネルギー+肥料
Transforming organic waste on-site to energy + fertiliser
Umwandlung von organische Abfällen vor Ort in Energie + Dünger
Transformer les déchets organiques sur place en énergie + engrais

SEaB has developed and patented Muckbuster™ and Flexibuster™ compact easy to install turnkey anaerobic digestion (AD) systems which have the potential to significantly increase market adoption for generating energy and income from food waste and other organic wastes directly at the sites of smaller waste producers.

Large amounts of organic waste are dumped into landfills or incinerated which contributes to GHG emissions (methane). Example: Only 1 percent of food waste in the UK is diverted.

Reinstate waste disposal and processing to the localized level. Waste can be eliminated, along with the associated health risks, and the business or community reaps the benefits of the reuse of waste as energy - organic fertilizer.

The award-winning company is located at the University of Southampton Science Park in Chilworth on the outskirts of Southampton, UK.


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