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オンラインショッピングクラブ - アウトレット Online shopping club - Outlet

オンラインショッピングクラブ - アウトレット
Online shopping club - Outlet
Online shopping Klub – Outlet
Club d'achats en ligne – Outlet

Zalando Lounge is more than an online shop – With their exclusive daily offers, you can get your hands-on designer clothes and top brand fashion for amazing prices with up to 75% off compared to the recommended retail price.

+ The best of shoes from your favorite designer
+ Clothing for the whole family from wide-ranging selection of designers
+ Accessories, no outfit is complete without a little bling
+ Home Sweet home, homeware from top designers

The Concept:

+ Shopping Club
+ Vente Privee (French for private sale)

The main difference is that an online outlet can be accessed from your home, without having to drive out to a difficult to reach outlet center.

Zalando Lounge is part of Berlin-based Zalando an online fashion retail company who started selling shoes in Germany and now ships 1,500 different brands to customers in 15 countries.


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