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豪華な潜水艦 Luxury submarine


Luxury submarine


Sous-marin deluxe


Neyk Submarine offers speed, comfort and maximum customization:


Constructionis underway on the first luxury submarine to feature an interior from the private jet industry. The product of eight years of research & development,Ocean Submarine in the Netherlands is teaming up with leading experts from around the world such as Rolls Royce, MTU and Bosch to create the Neyk Submarine.


Agile as a shark:


+ can accommodate up to 20 guests

+ 270 degree viewing area

+ virtually noiseless engine

+ 19 meters long

+ fully pressurized

+ speed of upto 12 knots

+ dive to a depthof 150 meters

+ first prototype expected to be presented in January 2018

+ price not yet communicated


OceanSubmarine also provides the necessary training and certification of the crew.


Quote: Founder of Ocean Submarine, Martin van Eijk. The project began in 2009 and my goal was to combine the expertise in aircraft, spaceships and underwater vessels. The result is a new generation of submarines offering a unique level of luxury and experience in a submarine.


The company OceanSubmarine B.V. is based in Drimmelen, Netherlands



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