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人工心臓弁 Prosthetic heart valve


Prosthetic heart valve


Valve cardiaque prothétique



Designed fo rall operable patients suffering from a heart valve disease:


Novostia SA isa development stage company in the business of designing, manufacturing and marketing a revolutionary prosthetic heart valve known as the Lapeyre-Triflo Valve (“LTV”).

  1. The LTV is a mechanical tri-leaflet heart valve that has the geometry and function similar to the human heart valve. It isdesigned to eradicate the need of lifelong anticoagulation therapy, behaving physiologically like a tissue valve, and to be resistant to structural failure(“one valve for life”).
  2. The LTV is made of strong high performance bio compatible material (polymer, titanium, polyester). The surgical handling isidentical to current surgical heart valves.
  3. Over twenty-five years of research with well-known research laboratories as well as with leaders in fluid mechanics and high precision manufacturers have led to this new concept of prosthetic heart valve.



Novostia is in pre-clinical phase and is working closely with key opinion leaders to prepare the clinical phase for this long-waited heart valve solution. However, the valve has not yet received CE Marking or FDA approval for commercialization.


The companyhas been incorporated on April 2017 and is based in Neuchatel, Switzerland.


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