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2D写真を3Dに変換する Turn a 2D photo into 3D

Turn a 2D photo into 3D
Verwandele ein 2D-Fotos in 3D
Transformez une photo 2D en 3D

Transform any single 2D picture into a walkable and editable photorealistic 3D model:

Imverse is a specialist in 3D computer graphics. The startup uses its proprietary voxel-based rendering and a simulation graphics engine to develop software that facilitates production of VR content by up to ten times faster and cheaper than conventional solutions.

The engine, also referred to as the «photoshop of VR:

+ easy and fast process to transform a single 360°/2D picture 

into a fully editable 3D space
+ achieve real-time volumetric capture of human holograms 

empowered with unique visual effects
+ can be used for visualizations in web browsers, and any 

VR or MR application
+ optimized for gaming, previz, visual effects, education, 

simulation training, and virtual design
+ import other 3D assets into the scene
+ manipulate the objects, textures, lighting, reflections,

 and material properties
+ add videos to create a richer experience

CEO and Imverse co-founder Javier Bello Ruiz: “We want to empower the creators to build virtual reality content, without a big budget or special equipment”

The company Imverse SA, EPFL spin-off, was incorporated May 2017 and is based in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland.


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