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スマートコーチ - 生体力学データ Smart Coach - biomechanics data

スマートコーチ - 生体力学データ
Smart Coach - biomechanics data
Smart Coach - Biomechanische Daten
Smart Coach - données biomécaniques

Collect, analyze and deliver real-time coaching based on an individual runner’s biomechanics data:

A global leader in advanced, accelerometer-based analysis and interpretation. Myotest provides personalized smart training software and services for runners to achieve their performance goals confidently and improve their efficiency based on their own unique physiology.

+ scientifically validated
+ several worldwide patents
+ over 20,000 users

New: development of two new brands, Myotest TECH (integration of technology) and Myotest CARE (measuring the physical health of employees)

In 2004, Patrick Flaction founded the company Acceltec SA – which became Myotest SA – to meet a growing need in the sport and healthcare sectors to be able to assess all types of movement, whether from a preventive, healthcare or sporting performance standpoint. The company is based in Sierre, Switzerland and has a subsidiary company in the United States and another in France to deal with its exports throughout Europe.


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