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21世紀の車椅子! Wheelchair of the 21st century!

Wheelchair of the 21st century!
Rollstuhl des 21. Jahrhunderts!
Fauteuil roulant du 21ème siècle !

Scewo is developing a powered self-balancing wheelchair which meets the demands of daily use and has the ability to climb and go down stairs safely without external help.

Size: 65cm wide and 105cm long with a total weight of 100kg

Driving speed: On the ground about 10 km/h and on the stairs 

at 1 step/s

Staircases: 17° to 34°. Also, able to drive on spiral staircases

Availability: middle of 2019

The company Scewo AG, an award-winning spinoff from the ETH Zurich was incorporated 2017 and is based in Winterthur, Switzerland.


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