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有機処理真菌病原体、植物 Organic treatment fungal pathogens, plants

Organic treatment fungal pathogens, plants
Organische Behandlung pilzartige Krankheitserreger, Pflanzen
Traitement biologique des pathogènes fongiques, plantes

For farmers and gardeners to reduce food waste:

PATHOGENIC FUNGI are all around us. They can damage and kill lots of agronomically important crops and trees. Focus of AgroSustain is to develop organic treatments against broad range of PLANT fungal pathogens, for which NO effective, organic CURE currently exists.

Products of AgroSustain can be used:

+ during the pre- and postharvest

+ food storage facilities worldwide

The award winning company AgroSustain Sàrl was founded 2018 and is based in Epalinges, Switzerland.


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