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ソーラーフォールディング屋根 Solar folding roofs

Solar folding roofs
Toits solaires pliants

Space, a valuable and limited resource:

Solar folding roofs from dhp technology can be used to gain the space and infrastructure needed to produce solar energy.

Swiss start-up redefines - opening completely new areas of application for photovoltaic systems:

+ produces power right where it is used
+ industrial quarters, shopping malls, residential areas, parking lots, logistics areas
+ mounted above areas
+ energy plant does not take up any space
+ infrastructure costs are kept to a minimum
+ basic unit measures 50 meters in length and 17 meters in width and this can be extended freely
+ allows customized design

Dhp technology AG, an award-winning company, “Prix Eco 2016”, was founded April 30, 2015 and is based in Grüsch, Canton of Grisons, Switzerland

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