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節水, 蛇口 Water saving, faucet

節水, 蛇口
Water saving, faucet
Wassereinsparung, Armatur
Economie d'eau, robinet

The ultra-low flow rate faucet:

Water is one of the most precious commodities on earth, 97.2% of the total water on earth is salt water, only 2.8% is fresh water. Only 10% of this fresh water is used as drinking water.

After five years of research, the company developed the Swiss Eco Tap, which will cut the world’s water consumption with a fitting that consumes much less water and has a high cleansing effect.

Water saving: 90%

Beside the eco tap, the company also offers some other outstanding eco solutions like foam dispenser, urimat, inbox dispenser, eco sink etc. to preserve the precious natural resource - water.

Swiss Eco Line AG was founded in 2015 in Switzerland’s oldest city of Chur, which is the capital of the Canton of Grisons.


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