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スプレーオン太陽電池 Spray-on Solar Cells

Spray-on Solar Cells
Aufsprühebare Solarzellen
Spray-on cellules solaires

Spray or print onto the windows, walls, cars, utility vehicles:

Oxford Photovoltaics Ltd., a spinoff from the University of Oxford, says it’s developing thin-film perovskite solar cells able to be printed directly onto silicon solar cells.

+ Perovskite material is part of the top emerging technologies
+ Prices potentially far cheaper than today’s silicon-based panels
+ Efficiency has improved further to reach a level that took silicon cells years to achieve
+ Thin-film perovskite solar cell commercially available by the end of 2018

Oxford Photovoltaics Limited (Oxford PV) was founded in 2010 and the headquarters is based in Oxford, United Kingdom.

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