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フリートオートメーションプラットフォーム Fleet automation platform

Fleet automation platform
Plate-forme d'automatisation de la flotte

Human driven vehicles and autonomous vehicles will coexist:

BestMile is a Swiss company with offices in Lausanne (Switzerland), London (UK) and San Francisco (USA), developing distributed and highly scalable cloud technology leveraging the full potential of autonomous vehicles to tackle global mobility challenges. BestMile provides the first fleet automation platform allowing for the intelligent operation and optimization of autonomous vehicle fleets, regardless of their brand or type and managing both fixed-route and on-demand service types.

Turnkey solution or customized packages:

+ enables autonomous vehicles to work together as a fleet
+ deploy, operate and scale autonomous mobility services
+ planning, real-time automated dispatching intelligent routing

+ electrical energy management
+ fixed routes with fixed schedules
+ on-demand door-to-door services or combinations
+ flexible and modular platform allows integration with existing infrastructure
+ web and mobile applications or interface an existing platform
+ mixed fleets composed of autonomous vehicles of different types and brands
+ hybrid fleets comprised of both autonomous vehicles and human-driven vehicles
+ ensure seamless transition towards autonomous mobility

Since its creation in 2014, BestMile built a proven track record as the leading company for fleet automation in the autonomous mobility industry. BestMile was the first company to offer on-demand autonomous mobility services and is now enabling the first instance in which electric autonomous shuttles are circulating through a city center on both pedestrian areas and open roads, and servicing the public daily.


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