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引っ越しクリーニングサービス, プラットフォーム Moving and cleaning services, plattform

引っ越しクリーニングサービス, プラットフォーム
Moving and cleaning services, plattform
Umzugs- und Reinigungsdienste, Plattform
Services de déménagement et de nettoyage, Plattform

MOVU offers you a unique package for a stress-free move:

Movu is a platform for moving and cleaning services. Based on a questionary and an inventory list, customers are getting 5 offers from their local companies. The whole process is supported by their personal assistant, the "Move Captain".

Have everything under control:

+ Submit a request
+ Get 5 quotes to your email
+ Choose a company and book
+ Enjoy your move
+ Tips and checklist
+ High quality moving boxes

The startup company MOVU AG was founded May 2014 and is based in Zurich Switzerland.

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