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補聴器 Hearing aid


Hearing aid


Aide auditive



Improve peoples’ social experiences in tough listening situations:


Fennex, a Zurich based startup, developed the first augmented hearing application that works with Apple Air Pods to provide a personal hearing amplifier.


Currently the app is free of charge for end users. In the future, users will be able to upgrade to a Pro version comprising of extra features that are not accessible in the free version. They are testing the concept of a PRO version for employees that work in open space offices and are constantly exposed to noise. The solution can help increasing productivity and collaboration while reducing isolation.



Alex Mari CEO and cofounder of the company said: 

Our vision is to enhance social relationships with smart and simple digital technology.



The company Fennex AG was founded March 2017 and the startup is based in Meilen (Zurich), Switzerland.


PS: The startup has reached 100,000 users of which 30,000 are active on the app monthly.


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