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侵入窃盗予防 - バーチャルルームメイト Burglar prevention - virtual roommate

侵入窃盗予防 - バーチャルルームメイト

Burglar prevention - virtual roommate

Einbruchsprävention - virtueller Mitbewohner

Prévention des cambriolages – colocataire virtuelle



A virtual roommate, who protects your home while you are away to reduce the risk of burglary:


In European countries, a burglary happens every three minutes. The worst for the victims is the following feeling of insecurity.


Key featuresof Kevin your virtual roommate:


+ simulate the presence of people through sound and light

+ interact with via a mobile app and the mitipi-box

+ create your own scenarios (football on the TV, exercise and taking a shower etc.)

+ can also connect to third party smart home devices



The startup Mipiti was founded in 2017 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.


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