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スマートリーク検出 - 飲料水ネットワーク Smart leak detection - drinking water network

スマートリーク検出 - 飲料水ネットワーク
Smart leak detection - drinking water network
Intelligente Lecksuche – Trinkwassernetz
Détection de fuites intelligente - réseau d'eau potable

Automated, permanent, 24/7 leak detection system within +/- 5m:

Leaks in the water distribution network cause a significant loss of water, as locating them with precision is difficult and time consuming. The Swiss company Hinni AG has developed, in corporation with technology partners, a solution to enable the almost immediate detection of the origin of the leak.

+ Prevention of infrastructure damages
+ Reduction of water loss
+ Civil works and investment decisions can be planned and coordinated earlier
+ Reduction of unauthorized water retrieval
+ Improper operation can be identified and corrected quickly

PS: The material of the pipeline is mostly insignificant. Why? Because the integrated hydrophone does not measure the sound waves on the pipe, but instead directly in the medium water. This works in the same way with metal as well as with plastic pipes.

Hinni AG, based in Biel- Benken, is a leading Swiss service provider and manufacturer of systems and products in the municipal water segment, part of Arnold AG a subsidiary of BKW. The BKW Group is a Bern-based international energy and infrastructure company employing more than 6,000 people.


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