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あなた自身の車を作る、未来! Create your own car, future!

Create your own car, future!
Erstellen Sie Ihr eigenes Auto, Zukunft!
Créez votre propre voiture, future !

Hackrod wants to revolutionize car production…

Hackrod is developing a revolutionary digital platform for personalized design and manufacturing of cars and motorcycles. The company is challenging the traditional approach to automobile manufacturing and empowering consumer to become creator.

A cool roadster was designed and built by combining:

+ Virtual Reality
+ Artificial Intelligence
+ Machine Learning
+ 3-D Printing
+ Advanced Logistics

The Los Angeles based company Hackrod, Inc. has entered a partnership with Siemens PLM Software to accelerate their shared vision of the democratization of engineering design and manufacturing where the consumer becomes the creator in the automotive space.


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