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3Dボディースキャナー、フィットネス 3D body scanner, fitness

3D body scanner, fitness
3D-Körperscanner, Fitness
Scanner de corps 3D, fitness

3D body scanner that allows fitness coaches to review their customers' progress:

The Startup Bodygee has developed a solution that captures the fitness progress in a graphic and exact way. The 3D body scanner not only creates a 3D image of the body, but also calculates the body mass. The scanner is designed for fitness clubs, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) studios, personal trainers, and transformation programs.

Ultramodern method for body measuring:

+ track all changes your body underwent
+ analyze your body shape
+ optimize coach services
+ adapt your individual program
+ look at your scans on your computer /Smartphone/tablet PC at any time
+ B2B model for fitness and lifestyle providers

The award-winning company was incorporated in June.2015 is based in Brienz, Switzerland.


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