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食品の新鮮さ - リアルタイムセンサー Food freshness – real time sensor

食品の新鮮さ - リアルタイムセンサー
Food freshness – real time sensor
Lebensmittel frische - Echtzeitsensor
Fraîcheur alimentaire - capteur temps réel

Food last mile logistics through low-cost freshtags integrated into various kinds of food packaging:

Is it fresh GmbH is a start-up company active in the field of smart packaging and printed electronics. The company develops printed freshtags, which is a combination of sensors for real-time measurements of freshness parameters in perishables and NFC (Near-field communication) chips for wireless read-out. 

Monitored parameters - tracking of each single food package:

+ manufacturing date
+ temperature
+ biochemical parameters providing the product's freshness status in real time

Roughly 1/3 of produced food is wasted globally:

Each person produces an average 180kg of food waste every year. Between 30% and 40% of all foods are wasted due in part to the misconception that food must be disposed of once its expiration date has passed.

The company "Is It Fresh GmbH”, a spin-off from the Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH was created 26.07.2017 and is based in Aachen, Germany and in Seoul, South Korea.


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