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印刷 - ペロブスカイト太陽電池 Printing - Perovskite Solar Cell

印刷 - ペロブスカイト太陽電池
Printing - Perovskite Solar Cell
Drucken - Perowskit-Solarzellen
Impression - Cellules solaires pérovskites

Perovskite is a crystalline material that has great potential to replace 

Saule Technologies is one of the first companies in the world working 
on the commercialization of perovskites in the new generation of photovoltaic 
cells.  The company has pioneered the application of ink-jet printing for the 
fabrication  of flexible, light-weight, semi-transparent and efficient perovskite 
solar modules.

This technique allows customization of the solar modules 

in terms of:

+ Shape

+ Color

+ Size

Saule Technologies is now working on a large-scale, prototype production line.

The award - winning company Saule Sp. z o.o. is based in Warsaw, Poland and 
has an office in Tokyo, Japan.


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