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小売自動化ロボット Retail Automation Robot

Retail Automation Robot
Vente au detail Robot d'automatisation
Roboter für die Einzelhandelsautomatisierung

Auditing shelf stock is boring, inconvenient, time- and labor-intensive 
and prone to error:

Simbe Robotics, Inc. develops and manufactures Tally, an autonomous 
robotic shelf auditing and analytics solution for the retail Industry. The 
device navigates store aisles capturing current inventory levels and 
feeding the data to store staffers.

Tally travels around a store scanning the shelves for 

issues such as:

+ low stock

+ pricing errors and more

feedback to a tablet device in real-time

It is estimated that global retailers lose around 634.1 billion dollars per year in 
missed sales opportunities arising from out of stock items, empty shelves, and
 other inconsistencies in-store.

The company Simbe Robotics, Inc. was founded in 2014 and is headquartered 
in San Francisco, California, USA.


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