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3Dフェイシャル バイオメトリック 認証 3D facial biometric authentication

3Dフェイシャル バイオメトリック 認証
3D facial biometric authentication
3D-Gesicht biometrische Authentifizierung
3D faciale biométrique authentification

OneVisage helps financial services, digital identity management and cyber-security solution providers to reduce identity frauds and improve customer experience by using our breakthrough 3D facial biometric authentication solutions running on standard mobile and desktop platforms.

3D face modeling technology offers:

+ Simplicity
+ High accuracy
+ Robustness
+ Very hard to spoof
+ Universal
+ Forward-thinking security
+ Cost-effective

The company OneVisage SA was founded in 2013 and is based in Lausanne Switzerland besides Sunnyvale, USA.


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