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オーガニックの厨芥を冷やす Chill organic kitchen waste

Chill organic kitchen waste
Kühlt organische Küchenabfälle
Refroidit les déchets de cuisine organiques

No more smelling green - organic waste at home…

Annoying smell of the compost bucket - attraction of fruit flies or other insects:

The startup Avantyard created - development FreezyBoy a practical organic waste bin with very low power consumption for your kitchen. It chills organic kitchen waste to -5°C, which prevents biomass from decomposing and neutralizes unpleasant odors at their source. No more drawbacks to keeping organic waste in your kitchen for several weeks.

The product is available in Switzerland and the market entry in Germany is planned for spring 2018. Other countries are to follow.

The Team FreezyBoy of the startup AVANTYARD LTD is based in the Technopark Luzern, Switzerland.


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