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バルーン+無人機システム Balloon + drone system

Balloon + drone system
Ballon + Drohne System
Ballon + drone Système

Aerotain revolutionized the drone industry with their entertainment drones allowing event organizers to engage with their customers.

The drone system is designed for entertainment purposes:

+ concerts, trade fairs, sports events or conferences

+ equipped with a camera to shoot photos (including selfies) and live videos

+ embodied with a helium-filled polyester balloon

While in flight, the balloon can be safely touched. It is customizable by the event organizer and offers advertisement opportunities for event sponsors.

Aerotain has now launched Aerotain Mini. The new drone system is four times smaller than the previous system, making it suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

AEROTAIN AG, an ETH-Spin-off, was founded in 2015 and is based in Dübendorf, Switzerland.


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