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空気からCO2を捕獲する Capturing CO2 from air

Capturing CO2 from air
CO2 aus der Luft aufnehmen
Capturer le CO2 de l'air

Carbon dioxide removal technology direct from the air:

Climeworks captures CO2 from ambient air with a patented carbon dioxide removal technology. The direct air capture plants capture CO2 with a filter, using mainly low-grade heat as an energy source. They are modular, scalable and can be mass-produced, enabling deployment on a large scale. Compared to other carbon dioxide removal technologies, Climeworks’ direct air capture has a small physical footprint, is fully scalable and does not depend on arable land.

The pure CO2 gas is sold to customers in key markets like:

+ commercial agriculture

+ food and beverage

+ energy sector

+ automotive

The award-winning company Climeworks, a spin-off of the EPFL, was incorporated 2009 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.


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